Wednesday, July 8, 2015


  • You were a second Constantyne in word and deed, for he was born in a Christian age, yet lived for many years among the pagans, while you were born of heathen, but loved Christ who loved you. You have gone to Him rejoicing! Pray ceaselessly to Him for those who honor your memory.
  • Brightly shining Mount Sinai, rejoices eternally, for it is sanctified by the law of Moses and has seen the invisible, and your great city, Volodymyr, also shines brightly and celebrates with joy, beholding in the Spirit the Son glorified in you with the Father. Pray to Him to save and enlighten our souls!
  • For the people of Kyivan Rus’, Volodymyr, you were a father in spirit, a king and true preacher; an apostle of Christ, announcing the baptism of salvation. And having thereby brightly illumined your people, you sanctified them throughout all the lands of your kingdom, blessed one.
  • You were a root of the true faith, Volodymyr, watered by the Holy Spirit. You put forth for us divinely planted branches with fragrant flowers: the wondrous Borys, and Hlib, the zealot of godliness; abundant sources of miracles for all the faithful. Standing with them before Christ, pray to Him to save and enlighten our souls. 
  • Come, let us all hasten to celebrate the memory of Volodymyr, the father and guide of the people of Kyivan Rus’. He was born of heathens and came to love Christ who loved him, he has gone to Christ, rejoicing with his grandmother Olha. He taught all his people to believe and worship one God in Trinity; he destroyed the idols, and trampled them underfoot. He nurtured for us Borys and Hlib, his precious posterity. We now honour their memory with joy and faith, and keep the feast with love. May they pray to the Lord to grant victory to the faithful Christians over their adversaries; to grant peace to the whole world, and to save our souls!

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