Sunday, May 21, 2017

Celebrate the Pentecost!

Celebrate the Day of Pentecost  Sunday, June 4th., 2017 at the 9.00 am. Divine Liturgy. Green will be everywhere, so wear green if you can. At the beginning we will pray a special prayer to the Holy Spirit - Heavenly King.  During the service will be a reading of the Pentecost Story - Acts 2:1-11, and  Jn.7:37-52,8;12.  Listen and contemplate this lesson.  In it, the Mother of God, our Virgin Mary, and the Apostles, were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit,.. A terrific wind came from heaven, & they saw tongues, that looked like fire. 
      At 2.00 pm. we will go to our Cemetery, and do the Pentecost Blessing of graves and Panakhyda prayer services at family graves, while singing and asking God, "In blessed sleep grant eternal rest, O Lord to Your ever-to-be remembered servants, and make their memory everlasting. Vichnaya Pam'iat!".
      What about you and me?  Are we filled with the Holy Spirit?  If so, what does that mean for our lives as Christians?
      True fellowship with Jesus Christ! It is a Congregation, in Ukrainian Hromada, of believers in the word of God, who endeavor to apply the Good News of Jesus Christ to their lives. Be a family-oriented Bible-believing fellowship dedicated to teaching sound spiritual doctrines based on the Bible and Catholic Teachings. Believe that in the midst of the difficulties that we face in Ukraine, the USA, and the World today, the secret of victorious lives is establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walking in his love.
      At our Eastern Ukrainian Catholic Church, we believe in worshiping God under the banner of unity and love with Pope Francis, who has the authority and keys of St. Peter, to be a Head of the Universal Church. In this spirit, we rejoice with those who are rejoicing in the Lord and we share the burdens of those who bear them.
      As the Church, the Body of Christ, you will experience heartfelt praise and worship times and a dynamic exposition of the Word of God. These form an important part of each Divine Liturgy will help us all into the awesome presence of the Living God.
     Together we can share our tradition in the spiritual riches that Jesus Christ bestows upon us, as children of God.
    To all of you, who have been searching for a place to call a spiritual home, - me, as a Pastor, I say - WELCOME.

Fr. Mykhaylo.

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