Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prayer for our Patriarch

O Lord, we pray You: defend and save His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav. He is the Primate and Father of the great fellowship of our Church, and wherever he may be in fulfillment of his duties, he is praying for us, and is offering to You with holy fervor his prayers at the Altar. Wherefore, O Lord, turn Yourself toward us, unite our prayers with his and receive them into the bosom of Your infinite mercy. Whether he weeps or rejoices, at home or abroad, we desire to united with him. Hear his holy prayers on behalf of our long-suffering land of Ukraine. Grant him the grace and wisdom, courage and perseverance, to fulfill the great work to which You have called him – by the prayers of the holy hierarchs, martyrs, and confessors of Ukraine, in whose shoes he been called to walk. Look kindly as ell on the land of Ukraine, and on her people, especially on those to whom leadership, government, and security are entrusted. Bless the newly-elected President, and his ministers in public office; in these days especially grant that they be upheld and strengthened in every good deed so that all may lead undisturbed and tranquil lives in perfect piety and honor. For You are the One who has mercy and save, and to You we send up glory, together with Your Father, who is without beginning, and Your most holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and for ever and ever. Amen.

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