Friday, April 17, 2015


Early in the morning, the Myrrh-bearing women brought spices to the tomb of the Lord. They found the stone unexpectedly rolled away, and they asked among themselves: Where are the seals of the tomb?  Where are Pilate’s guards? The radiant angel came to the wondering women and proclaimed to them: Why do you seek weeping the Life Who gives life to the human race? Christ our God has risen from the dead as almighty, granting life to all; incorruption, enlightenment and great mercy!

Women disciples, why do you open the myrrh with tears? The stone is gone; the tomb is empty: Behold corruption destroyed by life! The seals witness that the guards of the godless have watched in vain. Mortal nature has been saved by the flesh of God. Hell is wailing. Go with joy, and proclaim to the apostles: Christ has slain death as the first-born of the dead. He awaits you in Galilee!

The Myrrh-bearers came early to Your tomb, O Christ, seeking You to anoint Your most pure body. Enlightened by the angel’s words they proclaimed joyous tidings to the apostles: The Leader of our salvation has been raised; He has captured death,
granting the world eternal life and great mercy!

The Myrrh-bearing Women reached Your tomb and saw the seals of the tomb broken. They wailed as they did not find Your most pure body: Who has stolen our hope? Who has taken the dead One, naked and anointed? The sole consolation of His Mother?
How can the life of the dead have died? How can the Capturer of hell have been buried? But arise in three days as You said, Savior, and save our souls!

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