Saturday, March 14, 2015


O holy father John, truly have you ever carried on your lips the praises of the Lord, and with great wisdom have you studied the words of Holy Scripture, that teach us how to practice the ascetic life. So have you gained the riches of grace, and you have become blessed, overthrowing all the purposes of the ungodly.

Most glorious father John, with the fountain of your tears you have cleansed your soul, and by keeping vigils through the night you have gained God’s mercy. You were raised on wings, O blessed one, to the love of Him and of His beauty; and as is right you dwell now in His unending joy, with your fellow soldiers in the spiritual fight, O holy saint of God.
O holy father John, through faith you have lifted up your mind on wings to God; hating the restless confusion of this world, you have taken up your Cross; and, by following Him who sees all things you have subjected your rebellious body to His guidance through ascetic discipline, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

O holy father, hearing the voice of the Gospel of the Lord, you have forsaken the world, counting as naught its riches and its glory; and so you have cried out to all: “Love God, Set nothing higher than His love, that, when He comes in glory,

you may find rest with all the saints.” at their prayers, O Christ, guard and save our souls.
Let us honor John, angel upon earth and man of God in heaven, adornment of the world, joy of the good and virtuous, glory of the ascetics. For planted in the house of God he has blossomed with the flower of holiness, and spread abroad like a cedar in the desert, causing the sheep of Christ’s spiritual flock to increase in sanctity and righteousness.

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