Saturday, March 14, 2015


Patriarch Josyf (Slipyi), according to his contemporaries, when he came across a difficult dilemma, asked Himself the question: "What would Metropolitan Andrey say?" Preparing the Epistle for the year of Metropolitan Andrey (Sheptytskyi), we put ourselves the same question. After all, being in the circumstance of military aggression, Ukraine again in its history becomes a victim of unjust assailant.

As you know, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi outlived two World wars. Therefore, according to the Head of the UGCC, He felt and understood well what is happening with the soul of a man who from peacetime unexpectedly plunged into the wartime of stagnation. "About that, Metropolitan aptly said that during the war, even among those who do not fight and those which do not share, is accumulated the unprecedented number of misunderstandings, disputes, enmity and hatred. Thus, the public social life becomes a "war of all against all". The result is that simple kindness and Christian love is more expensive product than butter and lard"- quoted the Head of the UGCC.
During the war, the human psyche is especially wounded. Therefore, according to His Beatitude Sviatoslav, it is important for pastors and to all the people to cultivate Christian love and charity. According to Him, only in such a way, as Metropolitan Andrey taught, we can successfully overcome these difficulties.
"Great Metropolitan Andrey advises us not to resort to any violence or disobedience, keep reasonableness and peace, unity and consent. He tells us to be guided by reason, enlightened by faith - continues His Beatitude Sviatoslav. - God's law has to become the rule of our lives and our goal. Thus, this is the best way in which we can serve the Motherland and for the future of our nation. None human thought and promise does not justify the sin against God's commandment". However, Metropolitan Andrey warns that "waves can come, in which we are advised to do against our conscience and the law of God". But we must always do as Christians, faithful to God's law". "To be a human in inhuman circumstances – this is the testament to us from the Metropolitan Andrey. According to Metropolitan, a Christian can and should be a patriot. However, his patriotism cannot be hatred and impose obligations that are contrary to the faith. This is what Metropolitan would say to us today", - concluded His Beatitude Sviatoslav.

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